Government Relations

Lewis Glasser represents clients before policy-making entities at the federal, state and local levels. We appear before regulatory agencies, legislative committees, planning and zoning commissions, city councils, county boards and other elected or appointed entities. We also assist clients in arranging, preparing for, and meeting with elected officials and government decision-makers.

Lewis Glasser's wholly-owned subsidiary, known as LGCR Government Solutions, performs a broad range of government relations activities, including lobbying (through its employees that are registered lobbyists), grassroots organization, political action committee organization and other related activities. For more information about LGCR Government Solutions, please visit its website, located at

LGCR Government Solutions ("LGCRGS") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the law firm Lewis Glasser Casey & Rollins PLLC, but LGCRGS is not a part of the law firm. LGCRGS does not offer or provide legal advice or legal services of any kind to its clients. The privileges typically associated with an attorney-client relationship, such as protections of attorney-client privilege, and related secrecy protections, or conflicts avoidance do not apply for clients of LGCRGS.