Summer Associates Program

Lewis Glasser’s summer program offers summer associates an accurate depiction of life at the law firm. We attempt to replicate for our summer associates the challenges that young associates face in their professional lives. We hire only a very few summer associates to ensure close and meaningful work experiences.

Our summer program exposes each summer associate to most of our firm’s major practice areas. Summer associates work on challenging projects comparable to those assigned to young associates: preparing transactional closing documents, drafting contracts, preparing litigation pleadings and memoranda, and assisting lawyers in depositions, hearings and trials. Summer associates are encouraged to participate in client conferences, closings, depositions, court proceedings and other real world work. All lawyers make project assignments, ensuring that the summer associate will not be bound to any one lawyer or practice area.

Summer associates receive informal evaluations of projects from lawyers who assign the work. Each summer associate is assigned a secretarial assistant and encouraged to use support staff as is necessary for each project. In trial by fire, summer associates are allowed the independence and latitude to complete projects in the manner they see fit.